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Lori Klisman Ellis was born in Detroit, and currently resides in West Bloomfield, Michigan.  She received her Masters Degree in speech and language pathology and worked in two school districts for 36 years.  Though she is retired from her career, she has a passion for genealogy research.  This has led her to write books on her family and retrace her family's roots.  She also writes children's books and co-authored an educational book and a speech and language assessment.

     Lori's goal is to work on preventing hatred, bigotry, prejudice and antisemitism. She also encourages acceptance and diversity in order to have world peace and eliminate genocide. Every high school student and adult should learn about the Holocaust. Her books are one way to work on these goals.

       Speech Tips with Spunky Monkey encourages kindness, friendship, acceptance and inclusivity. She also provides tips for those with speech and language challenges. 

     Ryan's Magical Shoes and Ryan's Magical Chairs offers fun, education and imagination to young kids.

    Lori asks you to purchase some of her books so she can donate the books to a school, library, synagogue, or church of your choice. In return, she will brand your business by placing a bookplate with your name and business in the books, so people will know you generously donated the books.  She feels this will help your business or practice grow, and also help children and adults display more empathy, kindness to others; as well as honor and celebrate diversity in others.

     Lori and her husband Jeff have two beautiful children, a daughter-in-law and grandson. Lori enjoys traveling, exercising and spending time with her family.  

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