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4,456 Miles: A Survivor’s Search for Closure

A memoir about my mother's imprisonment in a ghetto and three Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Published by Lori Klisman Ellis

4,456 Miles: A Survivor’s Search for Closure is a memoir in blog format that traces a family’s shared journey in facing the past and celebrating the strength of family bonds throughout some of the most horrific events of our times.  From curiosity to discovery to deeper understandings, Lori Klisman Ellis shares an intimate portrait of her family with the reader, while also offering valuable information for creating your own journey of family discovery. 

The book portrays two lives her mother had: one of sadness and horror during WW2 and another of resilience, hope, optimism. The readers will join the author on a journey back to Poland and live vicariously through their travels. The message of stopping prejudice, hatred, anti-Semitism and bigotry is shared in order to prevent future genocides. Also, this survivor finally met one of her liberators.

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