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  "Speech Tips
Spunky Monkey"
     This book was created by certified speech and language therapists to reduce fear and anxiety when students are in speech and language therapy. There is a companion section designed for parents, educators, speech and language therapists and/or social workers working with elementary students.  Students will learn to accept speech tips, grow their confidence and conquer any insecurities.  They will also learn about speech and language challenges and that it is important to show kindness, acceptance and include everyone.
     If you would like to purchase a book or several books contact or go to
     If you would like to donate books to an elementary school, library or speech clinic of your choice, a bookplate will be placed on the first page of the book stating "Donations made by..." and your name and business information will be included on it. 
      The hope is your company will get business and you can get a tax write off for marketing.  
      I accept cash, checks or Venmo. 
$15.00 and shipping within the USA. Promotion lasts till the end of March if ordered through Lori Ellis.
For further inquires contact
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