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Ryan's Magical Shoes

Short story about diversity and acceptance

Published by Lori Klisman Ellis

Ryan’s Magical Shoes, was inspired by Lori Ellis’ parents who were Holocaust survivors. The story teaches young children about diversity and acceptance.  Her parents taught her to treat everyone equally, and she believes passing that onto younger generations is important. “Everyone has individual differences and is a unique human being. We need to acknowledge everyone’s differences and value the diversity. If this is taught at a young age, then hopefully it can carry over into friendships, schools, people’s work environments, prevent future genocides and encourage world peace,” Ellis said. 

The story revolves around the main character Ryan who received magical shoes for his birthday. These shoes teleport him to different countries, and he meets new friends along the way. The boys create special friendships while meeting their families and playing together. She hopes her story teaches young children to accept differences in others and learn a valuable lesson. 

ryans magical shoes.jpg
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