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How I got started writing my family's story about the Holocaust

My parent's never talked about their past. We had a small family. A huge part of their life was hidden from me and my brother. My mother finally shared her story about the Holocaust when I was an adult. I felt the need to research my parent's life further. I found where my grandmother and uncle were buried. A tombstone was finally created for them 70 + years later in Poland. I convinced my mom to go back to Poland and relive her past; but this time go back as a free woman. While we were in Poland I began a blog. It was intended for family only, but friends and colleagues were interested in the story. This led me to write her story, share her testimony, retrace her roots, eventually meet one of her liberators and more. She is a remarkable, resilient and educated woman who still shares her story to prevent hatred, prejudice and antisemitism. If you are interested, read 4,456 Miles A Survivor's Search for Closure.

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